Post Membership Meetings

2 June  2018
* Post Membership & Guests
* Marsh House,Heritage Hunt  
* 10:00 AM Greetings.
* 10:00 - 11:30 Meeting.
* Various activities/reports.
* Annual Post Elections

Scheduled Special Events

Pending Events 2018
IHOP Breakfast on Wednesdays at 9:30 AM. All Members are welcome to the Legionnaires' weekly gathering.  This is a no-host event.  For details, call Finance Officer Bill Walsh at 703-743-1343.
​no-host IHOP Breakfast is weekly.
Post Partnership, Coordination with 455th & Post EXCOM.  Further Info? 703-298-2686 Bob Wyman 

Welcome to American Legion Post 1799's website.  Veterans are invited to contact the Post Adjutant (see CONTACT page) for joining the American Legion.  All visitors interested in contacting Post 1799 are invited to contact the Post Adjutant.  We are proud to be in the 16th District of the Department of Virginia.
Haymarket, Virginia
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Should each Legionnaire participate in, at least, one project per year.Yes
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Haymarket Day Parade
15 September 2012

Apply today to join the American Legion and Post 1799 with this application.  Just download!  The instructions are on the application.
Post Fund-Raising on 26&28 May18. See CALENDAR page for details.  Volunteers are needed so sign up soonest. . 
Post Commander Richard Menton is looking for Legionnaire volunteers for several committee chair positions as we organize for the new Legonnaire year.  If you have not served as a chairman for a year or so, please step forward because we need your talents.  If you served in a position previously and would like to be re-appointed, please step forward.  The Post depends on your volunteerism. The Nation needs your commitment and patriotism now.  We in the American Legion understand this better than most civilians - because we all served under the Flag.  God Bless America!
Please contact Post Commander Richard Menton at or call 571-236-4921.
Post Executive Committee Meetings

31 May 2018
* Post Membership welcome to EXCOM business meetings.
* 7:00 PM Start
* Project planning & reports
* Venue:  Haymarket Library, Study Room A.
1 July 2017 - 30 June 2018.  The 2018 American Legion Membership Campaign and Year kicks off 1 July 2017.  Current members will receive post card reminders from National Headquarters to renew.  Of course, the quickest and best way to renew is to visit the renewal website at:   You will need your Membership ID# on your 2015 Membership Card and a credit card.  The 2018membership fee is $40.00.  The National website has an easy option to "Pay Up For Life," including the fee calculator.  1st Vice Cdr Ken Morris is our Post Membership Chairman,  at 703-753-5581 or 
You can also pay directly by sending a check ($40) to Post Adjutant, P.O.Box 1799, Haymarket, VA 20169 

Post Elections in 2 June 2018.  

Mark your calendar since we need ALL Post Legionnaires to attend this critical annual event.  All leadership positions are open and it is time to step up to serve.  If you haven't served in a Post elected office - contact Post Commander Richard Menton to discuss what it means to serve.

You can also contact Nomination Committee Chair Bob Wyman at or 703-298-2686. 

As of 12 April, we have a few legionnaires who have stepped forward, but we need several more.  Step up today for American Legion! 
Post Finance Officer reported on 5 March 2018 that volunteers are needed for a "planning process" for establishing a Post building in the Haymarket/Gainesville area.  If interested, please contact Bill Walsh at or 703-867-5099.  
Boys-Girls State Interviews in April:  Post Legionnaires and Ladies judges conducted the interviews with Battlefield High School students.

​Contact Post Commander Richard Mention at, 571-236-4921 for details. Published results are pending.
More Big Events for Veterans and their Families
4th Annual Gold Star Mothers Family Monument Golf Tournament, 28 September 2018, Post 1799 is also a sponsor.  Venue is the Stonewall Golf Club, 15601 Turtle Point Drive, Gainesville, VA 20155.  For details, contact Post 1799 Legionnaire Ward Nickisch, 703-989-0988,    For more details, please see:
2018 Military Expo, 14 May 2018, The Northern Shenandoah Valley Community Veterans Engagement Board (CVEB) is sponsoring the 14 May, 11:00AM to 7:00 PM event at the Halpin-Harrison Hall, Shenandoah University.  This if for Veterans and their families with speakers, free food, employers hiring on the spot, great networking.  For details, see:
American Legion Post 1799 and USAF 455th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron, Bagram AFB Afganistan.  The start of a new partnership.  The 3 May Post 1799 meetings were a success.  Next steps?  Coordinate with the 455th, brief Post EXCOM.  On 17 May, Chair met with Battlefield HS AFJROTC leadership to discuss participation in the Partnership Project.
Defenders of the 1st Amendment.

Prior to the start of any official Post meeting, our tradition is to encourage veterans to address any issue.  During the official Post meetings, partisan party politics are not encouraged in keeping with American Legion HQ guidance.  The American Legion stands for American patriotism - without partisan party rancor at official meetings.  Identification as a veteran is expected.

In Virginia, we have elections annually and every Legionnaire is encouraged to vote.
American Legion Post 1799 is about to take a new patriotic initiative - direct support for our American Warriors in Afghanistan.  This is an opportunity for all Legionnaires to participate in a very special partnership.
On Thursday, 3 May, two briefing sessions were offered.  The briefingsl provided background, the mission, and brain-storming.  If any questions, call Bob Wyman, 703-298-2686.  We are moving forward!