Post Membership Meeting

11 May 2019
* All Post Members Expected
* SAT, 9:30 AM - 1:00 PM. Heritage Hunt Marsh House.
* Post Election
* Post Awards Ceremony
* Project/Committee reports.
* Discussion on monthly business.

Scheduled Special Events

Pending Events 2019
IHOP Breakfast on Thursdays at 9:30 AM. All Members are welcome to the Legionnaires' weekly gathering.  This is a no-host event.  For details, call Finance Officer Bill Walsh at 703-743-1343.
Post Gathering at JimBo's, 11 May, 6:00 PM.  Contact Bill Walsh at 703-743-1343.
Fund-Raising, 18-19 May, contact Bill Walsh at 703-743-1343.  Haymarket Walmart.
Adopt-a-Highway.  Look for next event.  Contact Mike High at 703-408-7927.
Post Blood Drive.  Contact Rich Bohmer,
Welcome to American Legion Post 1799's website.  Veterans are invited to contact the Post Adjutant (see CONTACT page) for joining the American Legion.  All visitors interested in contacting Post 1799 are invited to contact the Post Adjutant.  We are proud to be in the 16th District of the Department of Virginia.
Haymarket, Virginia
Business Listings
Post Service Officer
Ladies Auxiliary

Should each Legionnaire participate in, at least, one project per year.Yes
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Haymarket Day Parade
15 September 2012

Apply today to join the American Legion and Post 1799 with this application.  Just download!  The instructions are on the application.
Post Executive Committee Meetings

13 June 2019
* Post Membership welcome to EXCOM business meetings.
* 11:00 AM after breakfast.
* Project planning & reports
* Venue:  IHOP.
Post Fund-Raising on 26&28 May18. See CALENDAR page for next event.  Volunteers are needed so sign up soonest. . 
1 July 2018 - 30 June 2019.  The 2019 American Legion Membership Campaign and Year kicks off 1 July 2018.  Current members will receive post card reminders from National Headquarters to renew.  Of course, the quickest and best way to renew is to visit the renewal website at:   You will need your Membership ID# on your 2015 Membership Card and a credit card.  The 2019membership fee is $40.00.  The National website has an easy option to "Pay Up For Life," including the fee calculator.  1st Vice Cdr Ken Morris is our Post Membership Chairman,  at 703-753-5581 or 
You can also pay directly by sending a check ($40) to Post Adjutant, P.O.Box 1799, Haymarket, VA 20169 

Boys-Girls State awardees from Battlefield High School & Patriot High School attended this year's big leadership event during 17-23 June 2018.  Eight Delegates from American Legion Post 1799 Complete Virginia Boys and Girls State.

See full details on our "Programs" page for this wonderful annual event! 

Post 1799 annually selects delegates from Battlefield and Patriot High Schools, based on the applicant’s academic performance, interest in civics, and demonstrated commitment to public and community service. This year’s Boys State attendees were Blake Brown (elected State Delegate), Casey Cho, Austin Gonzales (elected Mayor), Nathan Hakimpour (elected State Delegate), Norideen Hussny-Hunt, Robert Lazar (elected to City Council). Girls State attendees were Victoria Witmer and Clair Graser.

​Contact Post Commander Richard Mention at, 571-236-4921 for details.

Defenders of the 1st Amendment.

Prior to the start of any official Post meeting, our tradition is to encourage veterans to address any issue.  During the official Post meetings, partisan party politics are not encouraged in keeping with American Legion HQ guidance.  The American Legion stands for American patriotism - without partisan party rancor at official meetings.  Identification as a veteran is expected.

In Virginia, we have elections annually and every Legionnaire is encouraged to vote.
Our 2018/19 Post Executive Committee, as elected on 2 June 2018.  From L to R, Adjutant/Finance Officer Bill Walsh, Chaplain Jim Wright, Post Cdr Richard Menton, PAO Irwin Lazar, Sergeant-At-Arms Russell Hansen.  First Vice Cdr - absent.
​Our 2018/19 Post Executive Committee
Cub Pack 107, sponsored by Post 1799, enjoyed a wonderful day at the Tank Farm on 22 September. Our Post 1799 Liaison Officer is Legionnaire Charles Hillon.
Since November 2018, Post 1799  has supported this unique relationship.  If there are any questions, call Bob Wyman, 703-298-2686.  
Our partnership with 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron in Kandahar, Afghanistan  has completed six-month goal.
May Update: American Legion Post 1799 Legionnaires dispatched the last gift box in April to our partner, the 430th Expeditionary Electronic Combat Squadron, Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Our six-month partnership program concluded 15 May.  This is a similar program as we conducted with the 455th Expeditionary Civil Engineer Squadron, Bagram, Afghanistan, in 2018.
  Successful Annual Post Election,11 May 2019.
We have a new slate of Post officers!

05/11/2019.  Volunteers stepped forward!  Photos and new EXCOM officers will be identified shortly.  Meanwhile, we have a planned changeover of leadership. 

Post Commander Richard Mention and Adjutant Bill Walsh will continue in their positions for approximately two months with a special election to certify David Reveille as the new Post Commander and Dennis Corrigan as the new Adjutant.  Bill Walsh will continue as Finance Officer. 

The Post Nomination Committee reported out candidates for 1st Vice Commander, 2nd Vice Commander, Sergeant-At-Arms, Public Affairs Officer, and Chaplain as elected EXCOM officers.  Additional positions were filled for Historian and Sports Officer.  Two elected positions were not filled for Service Officer and JAG.  

New Post Commander will appoint chairman for Webmaster, Get-Out-The-Vote Chair, Blood Drive Chair, and others.     Look for update to this posting!

Weekly Post IHOP Breakfast, Gainesville 
 Thursday at 9:30 AM 

Every Week!  Check your calendar and join us for no-host breakfast with fellow veterans.
Post Christmas Party - 2018
In Memory of Legionnaire Joseph D'Andrea, 1923-2019, his many friends at Post 1799 salute his passing to Post Everlasting.  Joe's friendship and advice were eagerly sought in the Post.  As a WWII veteran in the Italian Campaign, Joe's combat Infantryman performance made his nation proud.  Joe's career as a husband, father, local politician, and business entrepreneur brought respect from many communities.