Post 1799 Officers for 2019-2020.  
  • Post Commander David Revill
  • 1st VC Mark Siegel
  • 2nd VC Rob Brock
  • Adjutant Dennis Corrigan
  • Sergeant-At-Arms John Schortenmeyter
  • Finance Officer Bill Walsh
  • JAG Bob Wyman
  • Service Officer Greg Alexander
  • Chaplain Curt Hackett
  • PRO Irwin Lazar  

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Outgoing Post EXCOM for 2016-2017
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Post Christmas Party - December 2017
Post 1799 in 4Nov17 Manassas Veterans Day Parade
EXCOM minutes are pending.

Boys/Girls State Chair Report, 19 January 2021.  Post Chairman Irwin Lazar received update from District (Bob Brady) this week.
     * Department is planning for Boys State at Radford University in June.
     * Department Board will meet mid-April to make final go/no-go decision.
     * If in-person Boys State not possible, Department will hold virtual event.
     * Girls State will probably have a go/no-go decision by end of January.
Chairman Lazar recommends following.
     * Commence outreach to Patriot & Battlefield High Schools for applications by 12 Feb.
     * Start virtual interviews during week of 14 February.
     * Goal is to identify Post candidates by end of February.
     * Budget discussion must remain open since Department is still determining costs.
     * Chair will bring updates to the EXCOM in the near future.