Post 1799 Officers for 2022-2023.  
  • Post Commander Ward Nickisch
  • 1st VC Rob Brock
  • 2nd VC Carlos Collat
  • Adjutant Dennis Corrigan
  • Sergeant-At-Arms John Schortemeyer
  • Finance Officer Buddy Wagner
  • Judge Advocate Bob Wyman
  • Post Service Officer Greg Alexander
  • Chaplain & PSO Jay Little
  • Public Relations Officer Irwin Lazar
  • Historian Bill Parker

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Post Christmas Party - December 2017
Post 1799 in 4Nov17 Manassas Veterans Day Parade
16 December 2023 participation in the Wreaths Across America   We are participating in the Matching Funds Campaign.  Our Post leadership thanks all who donate time and funds!  POC is Legionnaire John Lyver,  [email protected]    Cell: (703) 585-3477
Boys/Girls State Chair Report, February 2023. Post Chairman Irwin Lazar reported the high school applicants will be interviewed in March 2023.  Several Post members have stepped forward to perform as judges.  Interviews will via Zoom and live.  

Cub Scout Pack 107 Chair Report, February 2023. Post Chairman Curt Hackett has been working with the Post EXCOM to resolve the "Charter Organization" Agreement.  Issues of liability have surfaced in the wake of the National BSA liability lawsuit.
Post Commander Ward NIckisch appointed following chair persons for 2021-2022
  • ​Fund Raising Chairperson   Vacant
  • Membership Chairman - Rob Brock 
  • Haymarket Day Parade Chairman Rocky Colavita
  • BSA Cub Scout Pack 107 Liaison Officer Glenn "Curt" Hackett
  • Blood Donor Chairman Rich Bohmer
  • Boys/Girls State Chairman Irwin Lazar
  • Webmaster Bob Wyman
  • Budget Committee Chairman  Vacant
  • Post Highway Trash Pickup - Vacant
  • Veterans Day Parade Chairman  Rocky Colavita
  • 4-H Trigger Time Club Chairman John Schortemeyer 
  • SOWW Chairman  Dennis Corrigan
  • Get Out The Vote Chairman  Bob Wyman
  • ROTC Representative David Shuler
  • POW-MIA Chair Ward Nickisch
  • Post Education Officer Travis Goodman
  • Post Service Officer Jay Little
  • Wreaths Across America - John Lyver

The American Legion is honoring our Korean War Veterans in our community for their sacrifice in a dark time - when America called on them.
Post 1799 has presented five certificates and we are seeking more Korean War Veterans in our community.
Korean War Veteran Ron Sanders 18 Nov 2021
On 23 March 2021, the American Legion presented $10,000 to the Willing Warriors Retreat, Haymarket, thanks to Post 1799 Liaison Thomas Henning.  This is the third such American Legion award to the Retreat, all thanks to the efforts of Legionnaire Thomas Henning.  We are grateful to Tom Henning for his sustained outstanding performance.
30 April 2022, Blood Drive @Holy Trinity Church, sponsored by Knights of Columbus and American Legion Post 1799

The Blood Drive was successful and we collected 40 pints of blood. This meets the Red Cross’s criteria to be considered a medium size drive. This is an important designation and gives us better access for future schedules and availability of their staff Thanks to all who helped make this event successful. 

Our next joint Blood Drive🩸with the Knights of Columbus is TBD at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Gainesville. 

Rich Bohmer, Post Blood Drive Chair, 25 May 2022
SOWW Vettes For Vets - 30 July 2022.  WMAL Celebrity Chris Plante visited our booth.
WAA 2023-24 Order Form for downloading
Post Honor Walks for 2022 Schedule.  
Get fit this year and enjoy a walk with friends.

September 2022 Honor Walk was to remember and honor Patriot Day on the 21st Anniversary of 9-11, National POW/MIA Recognition Day on 16 September, Constitution Day on 17 September, USAF 75th Birthday on 18 September, and Gold Star Mother’s and Family Day on 25 September. 

We started at 9:00 am at the East end of the parking lot of the Haymarket-Gainesville Library (14870 Lightner Road, Haymarket, VA) and then walked North along side of Route 15 past the High School and James Long Park to Waverly Farm Drive (that’s about 1.6 miles from the Library) and then turned around and walked back to the library which will gave us the usual 3.1 miles or 5K distance. The idea was to enjoy some camaraderie while working to maintain a level of fitness.
Adjutant's Minutes from the Saturday, 28 January 2023, General Membership Meeting.
American Legion Post 1799's New Official Coin is now available!
Hear the details at the Thursday breakfast.
Post Election Results on 13 May 2023:

American Legion Post 1799 
Executive Committee 2023-2024
(Installation on 24 June 2023)
Commander:                       Carlos Collat
1st Vice Commander:        Rob Brock
2nd Vice Commander:       John Lyver
Adjutant:                             Dennis Corrigan
Finance Officer:                 Buddy Wagner
Judge Advocate:                Rollin Van Broekhoven
Historian:                            Bill Parker
Chaplain:                            Chuck Berge
Service Officer:                  Jay Little
Sergeant-At-Arms:            Don Norris
Public Affairs Officer:       Ray Bevacqua