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From an early age Henry "Rocky" Colavita dreamed of becoming an Army officer. And a policeman. He eventually did both. His engaging, often funny memoir covers the author's 20- year career in the U.S. Army, including multiple tours in Vietnam, and his subsequent 17-year career in law enforcement. Henry was born in New Jersey, raised in Hawaii for a time and grew up in Virginia where most of his schoolmates were Army brats. But his next-door neighbor was a cop. The perfect situation for him to develop an affinity for service, both military and public. Wounded in Vietnam on his first tour, he returned for a second tour, this time as Infantry captain in command. He returned home, age 28, and continued his military career—including a stint at The Pentagon and in Berlin, eventually retiring in 1983 and beginning his second career—in law enforcement.


A Bird’s Eye View
of a Soldier’s
Experiences in Iraq
by David K. Revill

“A Bird’s Eye View of a Soldier’s Experiences 
in Iraq” provides a peep hole to see some of the experiences that take place in Iraq daily
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local bookseller or preferred on-line retailer.

Everyday in Iraq is a life changing event. Because everyday in Iraq something new is learned or experienced that wasn’t known before. With the progressIve moves that are taking place in Iraq great sacrifices
are made but with hope that these great offerings will produce giant leaps toward making things better. In Iraq no gains are
made without a cost; so in concert soldiers and locals do what it takes to improve the benefits.

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​Colonel Douglas E. Moore served in the United 
States Army for 30 years from February 1959 until
March 1989 with overseas tours in Germany,
Japan, and two tours in Vietnam.

Other than his several years as a Dust Off medical
evacuation helicopter pilot, he commanded a
battalion in the 82nd Airborne Division and a
brigade at Fort Lewis, Washington. While at Fort
Lewis, he served as Air Mission Commander for the
massive search and rescue effort following the
eruption of Mount Saint Helens in May of 1980.

He also spent several years at the Pentagon where
he served with the Department of the Army
Inspector General Agency as Team Chief of a
worldwide Army inspection team. He later retired
as Executive Officer for the Army Surgeon General.

His awards and decorations include the following:

-Distinguished Service Cross
-Distinguished Service Medal
-Distinguished Flying Cross (two awards)
-Bronze Star
-Purple Heart
-Air Medal (thirty-three awards)

Colonel Moore was inducted into the Dust Off Hall 
of Fame, ROTC Hall of Fame, and the Army 
Aviation Association of America Hall of Fame.

Available for order at www.amazon.com
Available for order at www.amazon.com
Available for order at www.amazon.com